Why Hire A Virtual Assistant (VA)?
How Will I know When I Need A Virtual Assistant?
What Services Are Provided by eRealtyTeam.com?
Why eRealtyTeam.com?
Is There a Long-term Commitment?
What Kind of Costs are Involved?
Will my information be kept confidential?
How Do I Get Started?


Q: Why Hire A Virtual Assistant (VA)?

A: A Virtual Assistant is Cost Effective and a Key to Your Success

  • With a Real Estate Virtual Assistant, you have a real estate professional available. A VA is an Independent Contractor- No payroll, medical, dental, 401k, sick leave, vacation or holiday pay, workmen’s comp, unemployment insurance or payroll taxes. There are no employee costs associated with a virtual assistant.

  • With a VA you have no office space requirements and no set-up fees for office furniture, computer, fax, phone and other office supplies/tech equipment.

  • You can increase your productivity by adding to your team without hiring employees.

  • You can handle more clients without letting your level of customer service falter.

  • You will have more leisure time.

  • You will have time to focus on the sales aspect of your business and revenue generating activities

Q: How Will I know When I Need A Virtual Assistant?

A: Every agent’s business is different and requires different levels of service. That said, there really is no project too large or small for a real estate virtual assistant. The main thing you want to consider is if you are leveraging your time properly. If you find yourself spending hours on administrative tasks your bottom line is probably suffering. The overall goal is to work smarter not harder.

If you answer yes to any of the below, you may be ready for a virtual assistant:

  • Do you need more face to face time with your clients?

  • Do you want to provide better customer service?

  • Do you need to capture more business but are limited with time and resources?

  • Do you have time to stay in touch with past clients?

Q: What Services Are Provided by eRealtyTeam.com?

A: See our Services Page For Details.

Q: Why eRealtyTeam.com?

A: We Are Your Virtual Partner For Success

  • With our combined real estate experience of over 40 years, we provide a broad knowledge base to enhance your business.

  • Our experience gives us the unique ability to understand the day to day life of a real estate agent.

  • Our team was instrumental in the successful launching of an eReal Estate department for the largest privately owned real estate company in the nation.

  • We are experienced with implementing and working in various new databases and contact management systems.

  • We understand the importance of attention to detail.

  • We have worked virtually since 2001 and have experience providing training virtually.

Q: Is There a Long-term Commitment?

A: No. We simply request a client service agreement.

Q: What Kind of Costs are Involved?

A: We provide most services on a fee basis. Charging by the hour can cause concern for agents when they are trying to budget. We like for you to know all charges up front.

For Transaction and Listing Management services we request a 50% deposit and only require the balance due upon settlement. As your partner, we also take on some of the risk that a transaction may not settle.

Invoices are sent via Pay Pal with an easy link to pay by credit card.

Q: I'm worried about sharing my information. Will it be kept confidential?

A: All information is kept strictly confidential.

Q: How Do I Get Started?

A: We expect you to make an informed decision and know you may have many questions. Please call or email us for a free consultation.


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